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theinvitOne of the Great Artists of All Times.  Decor Magazine calls him "America's Picasso". He is one of the most collected artists of the 20th Century according to the SEC.  Michael R. Whipple has been producing masterpieces of art since the mid 60's.  One of the most respected Artists in America.

Michael R. Whipple was felt by many to be a national treasure. Many of his accomplishments are now legends. In short he has been a great influence to other artists, Hollywood and the American culture.

Rather than simply being a decorative "Maker of Pictures" Whipple was an artist in the fuller sense. He uses art as a vehicle to make insightful social commentary.

The numerous awards and commendations from Governors and mayors nationwide clearly details a life dedicated to art and service to humanity.

Whipple hit the world like a flaming thunderbolt when in competition with 25 of Hollywood's best artists, his painting was chosen for the poster of Meteor, a 1978 Sean Connery and Natalie Wood Film. Whipple quips, "They chose mine because it was meatier." "Mine was charbroiled and cookin!" When Star Trek I, The Movie was released Whipple contributed his famous worm hole painting to the promotional campaign. TV Guide illustrations and many other movie posters followed.

Whipple's paintings are in the collections of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the late Lucille Ball, Ernest Bourgnine, and many European and Foreign collections.

As early as 1975 he was painting portraits of celebrities in Boston, including Gov. Michael Dukakis, and sports stars from the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins and New York Jets.

By 1984, books and limited edition prints of Whipple's paintings had exploded into the world-wide market place. The Beverly Hills Gallery was flooded with phone calls and everyone knew who Michael Whipple was.

At that point Michael Whipple reinvented himself as "Sky Jones". Sky Jones was a fine artist producing art for qualities sake versus art for the media. He researched what paint was all about. His book "The Artists Bible" had pointed him in this direction. 

Experimenting with paint, Sky Jones unofficially holds the world record at 13,000 gallons for quantity of paint use by one artist to paint paintings with. Sky Jones had discovered a new approach to painting from 1988-1994.

In 1995, Decor Magazine, the largest art magazine in the world, in an interview with The Milan Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas, stated that a historical event had occurred: Fort Worth had a ten million dollar art show of Sky Jones's new art work and had sold 90% of the paintings in the show.

Shortly thereafter it was announced that over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of Sky Jones paintings were in collections of over 125 public corporations. This had never happened before with any artist. This was a gigantic first.

Sky Jones has been appointed Alaska's Ambassador of Good Will. He has been made an honorary Nebraska and Louisiana citizen. August, 1989 was Sky Jones recognition month in both Louisville, Kentucky and Rhode Island.

In 1997, Sky Jones released a collection of songs he wrote and sang. "Star Walker" is the title track. This is available from the Banker Art Museum.

The publishing of this limited edition print is as many have claimed "a resurrection" of a great artist. You be the judge as to whether or not he really died.


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